The Buyer's Guide to Next-Generation
Cloud Security Posture Management

With a significant increase in reliance on cloud and a shift to Infrastructure as Code (IaC), it’s easy to see why existing CSPM solutions must evolve to keep pace. A new approach to CSPM is required in which misconfigurations are detected and resolved during development, and the secure posture is maintained in runtime.

This guide sets the stage for the future of cloud native security, includes a deep dive into the key capabilities as well as questions to consider before purchasing a Next-Gen CSPM.

In this paper, you will learn:

  • Programmatically detect and resolve misconfigurations in IaC during development
  • Monitor infrastructure configurations in runtime and assess risk from configuration changes
  • Programmatically mitigate configuration drift in runtime through Infrastructure as Code
  • Includes a comprehensive feature-by-feature checklist for vetting CSPM solutions
When evaluating CSPM solutions, it is critical to look for solutions that programmatically detect and resolve misconfigurations during dev, build, and runtime. This approach enables cyber-resilient architectures and security at the speed of DevOps.