Cloud Cyber Resilience Report

Evolving Risks, Insecure Defaults, Watering Hole Threats

As cloud native technologies, such as serverless, containers, and service mesh experience explosive growth, it is clearer than ever that organizations see cloud native as the future of software. Unfortunately, while teams are excited to adopt these technologies, things don’t always go smoothly.

Our latest research identified some common trends, such as a move of Identity and Access Management into Infrastructure as Code, rapid adoption of CSP-managed services, and insecure default configurations for many resource types. Teams, already struggling to understand new security models and identify least-privilege scopes, are stretched to the breaking point.

This report examines the top cloud infrastructure risks faced by real-world organizations and provides practical advice for adhering to best practices and avoiding common misconfigurations that kill productivity and increase risk.

Download your copy today to:

  • Dive deeper into common cloud infrastructure risks and emerging threats
  • Understand how attitudes about when and where to apply security controls must adapt
  • Learn the key best practices to consider as you rethink your approach to securing cloud native infrastructure